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Silver Aluminum Case ABS Poker Chip Set

Silver Aluminum Case ABS Poker Chip Set

KAILE - one-stop shopping supplier of casino accessories. We provide you with poker chip sets in various materials, this is an silver aluminum case ABS poker chip set, the quantity is regular 300 chips, the outer package is silver aluminum box, suitable for most casinos and poker rooms.

Silver aluminum case ABS poker chip sets have many advantages: 

1. Clay chips are very inexpensive, which makes the clay chips very widely distributed, whether it is a large casino or a small poker room, will use the clay chip sets. 

2. Clay chips can be customized with specific designs, colors and denominations, so that each buyer can have a unique design. The clay chips set by KAILE in the chips on both sides of the KAILE uses laser chip stickers on both sides of the chips, and there are also other styles of chip stickers that can be customized. 

3. Compared with plastic poker chips, clay poker chips are more durable, and even if they are dropped from a height of 2 meters, they will not be easily broken.

KAILE offers a wide range of choices in both the design and color of the clay chips and the outer box of the clay chips.

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