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EPT Ceramic Poker Chip Sets

EPT Ceramic Poker Chip Sets

KAILE EPT Ceramic Poker Chip Sets, the choice of high-end casinos, starting from 1 set, can be customized ceramic poker chips in color denomination size and shape.

EPT Ceramic Poker Chip Sets, and real EPT chips are the same size: 39*3.3mm. KAILE presents a selection of aluminum case poker chip sets in different quantities of 200pcs 300pcs 500pcs. These specifications are more preferred by casinos and poker rooms, we can also customize the outer box of the chip sets and the number of EPT ceramic poker chips according to customer requirements. The influence of the EPT as a poker tournament adds authenticity and prestige to these poker chips, making them highly sought after by poker chip enthusiasts and collectors. Their use in major poker tournaments has also enhanced their popularity, leading buyers of poker gaming venues around the world to recognize this casino chip set. KAILE can also reconfigure the denomination and color of EPT poker chips according to different customers' needs, meanwhile, we KAILE provides free service of designing ceramic chips and making samples of ceramic chips, welcome to consult with us!

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